On-chip PHotonics Erbium-doped Laser for LIdar Applications


OPHELLIA: On-chip PHotonics Erbium-doped Laser for LIdar Applications

OPHELLIA is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The objective of OPHELLIA is to develop novel materials and integration technology for the realization of innovative PIC(a) building blocks to develop PIC-based laser sources for emerging TOF(Time of Flight) and FMCW(Frequency-modulated continuous-wave) LiDAR applications. These LIDAR will be low cost and low size thanks to the high chip integration and tolerant packaging technology  while, at the same time, exhibit the same or even higher performance than existing solutions. […]

Project Information

Coordinated by Universiteit Twente



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Status :
Ongoing project

EU Contribution

Overall budget :
€ 4 556 775

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Start Date :
1 January 2021

End Date :
31 January 2025

8 Participants


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