Description of the legal entity :

SICK is one of the world’s leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. The company, founded in 1946, has a global presence with almost 50 subsidiaries and participations as well as numerous sales agencies. SICK currently employs more than 10.200 employees worldwide, and achieved sales of EUR 1.750,7 million in 2019. Factory automation includes products and solutions for automation and safety technology. The control of production processes and quality assurance are the most important areas of use of the non-contact sensors for automation technology. The products, complete solutions and services of the Industrial Safety Systems Division ensure effective accident prevention and personal protection in order to reliably rule out risks to employees from hazardous machines. In the logistics automation segment, SICK offers solutions for the automatic identification of bar codes and 2D codes, as well as for the identification of objects in logistical systems through the use of RFID systems. This application segment also includes the detection of height, shape and volume with 3D sensor systems.

As SICK is one of the leading companies in the technology field of Laser scanners, LIDAR and 3D sensor systems, SICK is always trying to broaden the application range beyond the classical industrial automation solutions. Advanced 3D sensors are therefore also used in security applications as well as in traffic automation and automotive applications.

Role in the project :

The role of Sick per WP in OPHELLIA is:

As a consortium member, Thales is responsible for attending and participating in the project meetings and providing all the information necessary to enable the UT to conduct sound project management.

SICK will conduct R&D for the high brightness illumination for the rugged 3D sensor system for industrial automation based on a new PIC laser based transmitter system.

SICK will mainly develop the optics and control electronics and integrate the components of the novel PIC- based 3D sensor system. In addition, SICK supports the integration into a key customer application, adapting 3D object recognition algorithms and verifying industrial customer requirements (resolution, real-time capability, eye-safety, compactness, shock and vibration robustness, and expected lifetime).

SICK has no role in this WP.

SICK has no role in this WP.

SICK is (jointly) responsible for the exploitation and dissemination of project results.

Infrastructure and facilities :

In 2019, SICK has spent €202 million or 11.54% of its turnover on research and development. SICK has the necessary infrastructure and workforce for researching and developing new optoelectronic sensor products in the field of 3D- and LiDAR based sensor systems.

Address :

SICK Vertriebs-GmbH
Willstätterstraße 30
40549 Düsseldorf

Contact :

0211 5301-0