Description of the legal entity :

Tematys is an independent SME dedicated to studies and strategy in optics, photonics, sensors, imaging, materials engineering and their application markets. The company has developed special expertise in technology transfer, R&D valorization and the marketing of emerging technologies coming from research organizations, but also from private industrial groups, SMEs and start-ups.

Tematys provides studies and sourcing
services to end-users in application markets (life sciences, security, agriculture, aerospace, defense, etc.). It also provides strategic views on optical, photonic and sensor markets for clusters and public agencies. Its clients are large enterprises and start-ups, research organizations and public institutions and it has more than 180 customers in 18 Countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

At critical steps of the product development process, Tematys provides services far beyond market studies. Tematys helps understanding the end-user requirements and design products that will closely meet market demand.

Along with custom studies and missions, Tematys publishes market reports on optics or sensor technologies and their applications.

Role in the project :

The role of Tematys per WP in OPHELLIA is:

As a consortium member, Tematys is responsible for attending and participating in the project meetings and providing all the information necessary to enable the UT to conduct sound project management.

Tematys has no role in this WP.

Tematys has no role in this WP.

Tematys has no role in this WP.

Tematys is leading this WP and they are therefore mainly responsible for leading the exploitation and dissemination efforts of the project.

Address :

6, cité de Trévise 75009 PARIS  FRANCE

Contact :

+33 6 74 64 52 21