Poster Presentation: SPIE Photonics Europe, 5 April 2022, Strasbourg, France

Work presented at SPIE Photonics Europe by Dawson Bonneville.

Paper Presented at SPIE Photonics Europe 2022 titled ‘ On-chip photonics erbium-doped amplifiers: fabrication and characterization of Al2O3:Er3+ and development as a laser platform’ by Dawson Bonneville on 5th April 2022 in Strasbourg, France.


Compact laser sources are crucial for the next generation of photonic integrated circuits, where bulky mechanical components and other optical bench top systems can be realized on a single tiny chip. Similarly, biological sensing, environmental real-time monitoring and telecommunications all benefit from the advances seen in on-chip photonic components, in particular, active devices such as the amplifier and laser which have significant challenges in being implemented on a silicon substrate. The study of Erbium doped Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3:Er3+) has attracted significant interest from the research community due to its high solubility for rare-earth ions, wide optical transparency, and capability to be integrated as a hybrid coating or patterned into waveguides on a Si substrate using conventional fabrication techniques. Results point towards amorphous Al2O3 as an ideal candidate for further research into the discovery of amplifiers and lasers for photonic integrated circuits (PIC). Here, we report on the spectroscopic parameters as well as prospects for Al2O3:Er3+ doped films and their integration onto an existing low-loss waveguide platform for the realization of amplifiers and lasers. A review of past results will be given with pathways towards optimized films and improved laser performance in the future.

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